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There I am, standing by myself with tears streaming down my face because for the first time in fifteen years I am standing by myself on new years eve praising my savior for a 2021 year of survival, strength, peace, joy, and a string of emotions. I don't know how your year went but mine was ups and downs, more ups and downs. Let me just inform you the ups and well as the downs were all full of God's grace, mercy, glory, strength, and peace I never knew I possessed the strength truly living on the inside of me. Like the old adage say I had to go through to truly understand the manifestation and power hidden inside of me. (That story is not over and we will continue that on another day). So let us move forward with the topic of our blog for today...CULTIVATE! As I was thanking God and being sad at the same time, God spoke. Erikah your word for 2022 is cultivate! What, Lord! Cultivate! I literally pulled out my phone and visited for the word, of course, cultivate. list nine definitions that I love, but my absolute favorite would have to be definition number five; it states to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine. Wow! Here's the deal, I never asked God for a word, but rather for strength to get me through yet another emotional battle. That's the kind of God we serve, one who answers by what He sees in us and not what we think we need for the current tears plaguing our very souls. It's now the end of May and God gave me that word six months ago to the day! CULTIVATE! Well, Lord, what exactly am I cultivating, a recent question I asked him. His response was simply your time is near, your season is here, continue to prepare. Prepare your mind, your heart, your thoughts, your will, your purpose, and the power inside you. Cultivate Erikah!

Wow!!! Did y'all get goosebumps too?

Your turn, listen up and listen intently, what is God trying to grow and cultivate in you or through you? It's not only my time to grow deep, strong, and long it's also yours.

Get off the sidelines today and let's CULTIVATE!

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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