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Right Before Your Eyes!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Many preachers, pastors, and speakers use a famous scripture to preach, speak and encourage others using Isaiah 43:19(NLT), "For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?" Seeing is believing! When you have experienced so much heartache or maybe very little, it may be hard for you to perceive what God is doing right before your eyes. Many miracles Jesus did in the bible were so that He could convince non-believers to believe. He also wanted believers who had their "religion" passed down to them from generation to generation to believe in His Father, God, for themselves. My friends, God wants you to believe in Him, in His Power, in who He is, and in the abundant life we can have when we belong to Him (John 10:10). We were meant to be more than mediocre, heartbroken, small-minded, or having poverty mindsets. More than what people say, evil and harmful statements about us, we are more (Ephesians 2:10).

Let's break down the author, Isaiah, question, "I am doing a new thing, can't you see it?", What does this question mean? Why can't you see what God is doing? What is God up to? Does the question seem to say, why doubt God? May we should ask what God has already done for us? Can you hear Him saying, "I got you, I have had you, and I always will"! There is nothing you can do or say for me not to have your back (Romans 8:38-39). Once saved, always saved, but I want to do more than that. I want to do way more, but I need your eyes, heart, and belief because I am standing right here doing all kinds of things, but for some (heart) reason, you can not see it.

Let's review another scripture. In Luke 24:38-43 (MSG), our resurrected Jesus appears to his disciples to tell them to look at his physical body, the nail marks, the piercing on his side, and all the physical evidence. Then, in vs. 43, He eats a piece of fish in front of them. He wasn't hungry, but He wanted to activate their faith right before their physical eyes. Unfortunately, we have a hard time believing because of our human beliefs and doubt; therefore, sometimes, even seeing is still not believing for some.

Friends, it's time to fix our hearts and faith mindsets. I say us because I still struggle with why and how God can be so good to me when I don't always give Him my best. He is writing these posts for me because as I write and encourage you, I am also in awe of His amazingness and the words He gives me to type. Y'all, He will provide me with a thought, a scripture, and then He says to blog it out. The Holy Spirit gives me the ideas that go along with these thoughts Right Before My Eyes. I am His willing vessel, and I love every bit of it. Lord, keep doing Your work Right Before My Eyes. My faith had to catch up, and still catching up. I thank Him for His patience. Friends, He is waiting for you as well. It's okay if You can't see it right now. You will if you truly believe and expect to see His presence Right Before Your Eyes!

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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