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Because, He was talking to you!

Have you ever told the wrong person your dreams and visions? Have you ever shared your insights, blessings, and God's favor over your life with people who were blind; spiritually blind? That is. FYI, I wrote a post on spiritual blindness in November 2020; go check it out. Okay, back to this post, you shared something meaningful with him, her, or they. All you received was negativity, excuses, and opinions that did not produce the results or excitement you expected to receive. Here's the issue, it was not supposed to be for their ears because God was talking to you and not them! Everything cannot, should not, and will not be for everyone's ears. You are His vessel, and you are His chosen ones. You are His masterpiece, dear, even if you cannot see it for yourself yet. Stop sharing with them, especially when you walk away from the conversation feeling some way. That is the Holy Spirit reminding you I was talking to you. It's for you, not them, they will not understand, but I will send you the community who will.

I now thank God for all the lessons I learned and the community He has given me. Not only have we walked similar life stories, but we are indeed each other's Hur's (see Exodus 17:12). When God himself chooses community to walk this life with you, you will know it. These people are; pure, genuine, loving, merciful, gracious, understanding, iron sharpeners, prayer warriors, not easily broken, to name a few. The yolk all of you will share is like none other.

These are the people you can share anything with, and they will share the same enthusiastic excitement with you. Eventually, you will be able to share more of your story with others.

Remember, He was talking to you! You will know who and when to share your story with, His favor over you, the blessings He continues to grace you with as long as you allow Him to keep talking to you.

Always be mindful and watchful of the company you keep!

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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