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Divine Appointment, are you listening?

I work for an amazing non-profit, we are small but growing, and all I can say is but God! We received an email from a young lady in desperate need of shelter. With no resources at our immediate disposal for the young lady to help her, I said, Lord, how can we help her besides praying for her. I immediately felt I offended God, but I didn't shudder back or correct my statement. I made an unplanned trip to Walmart soon after my prayer. I heard a young lady asking for donations for a domestic violence shelter and program to another shopper. The request immediately pierced my heart. I then realized I only had a card; I asked the young lady could she take card payments? She responded yes but on the website. I responded okay, a bit disappointed, and then, lightbulb! I live in the 22nd century with a cashback option. I focused and only purchased the items I needed (with cashback option 😉). I hurried out of the store to give my donation and find out more about the organization. The young lady told me her story and how this shelter helped her and gave her a new start and another lightbulb moment! I came to a Walmart that is out of my way from where I live and ran upon this divine appointment; here's why I say that. I was not planning on this trip today; I was not planning on this Walmart. I had a Target in mind. After I made my donation and asked a few more questions about the organization, a Walmart representative came up and told the young lady she had to leave as she was not on their list to be there collecting donations. Okay, so am I the only one seeing God all over this right now...Holy Spirit, speak!

Listen when you pray, and He answers by sending you on a God-given assignment, do it immediately. When you are prompted by the Holy Spirit to go here, turn this way, don't do that, say this, give a hug to them. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. The results are so much more excellent than what you expected.

I stand amazed at your power, so so so incredibly amazed; thank you for using me.

I'm just so grateful. We passed the information about the organization to the young lady in need the same day. I prayed a simple yet bold prayer, and God showed me who He is once again. Thank you, Lord!

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