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What is the measure of your faithatude today? Perhaps Faithtude is a word you have never heard before. It was a word I had never heard of before, that is, until today. As you review the term, Faithtude, you can see I speak about your faith attitude. Faithatude! Maybe your faith is strong in this season, perhaps your faith could use a re-boost, or maybe your faith is the weakest it has ever been due to present and or past circumstances. So the question is still set before you to respond. What is the measure of your faithatude today?

What is faith, how is it measured? If it's too low, can I have a refill? Can my faith be considered prideful or arrogant? All plausible questions. I am here with the Holy Spirit's guidance to help you navigate these burning questions. Faithatude! There is always some cute and clever mnemonic to help us remember phrases or words. For example, the word P.U.S.H., someone cleverly came up with Pray Until Something Happens, or perhaps you remember PEMDAS from elementary math class; Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, I'm pretty sure it means something different now. The point is mnemonics help us remember important things and words. Well, not to disappoint, here is an easy one for FAITH. For All, I Trust Him (inventor unknown).

Let's go back to the question at hand. What is the measure of your FAITHatude? Only you can honestly answer that. Faith is complete belief AND trust in God AND His process. We as believers have a part in this (a large amount); it is our job to trust God, trust what He says, trust His timing (this is most likely the most challenging part for many). When what we need, want, and promise does not happen in our time frame, our faith, my faith tends to dwindle.

I remind myself what the mnemonic FAITH stands for: For All, I Trust Him. I was born for a purpose and on purpose! You were born for a purpose and on purpose! Life is hard, circumstances upon situations seem to weigh us down continually, tears fall, hearts become heavy, our minds and thoughts race to the next thing you/we think you/we can control (we both know you, nor I am in control).

Remember, dear; you were positioned for this purpose; only you can fill. Friend, let me do my job and encourage you on your journey. As your feet begin to become heavy by life's ups and downs, don't ever forget you were built with knees to kneel in the proper posture. Our heavenly Father hears you and answers faster than immediate when your heart is positioned towards Him. Follow His compass and not your own. God will forever be in control, even when you think you are. Let go of the ranks, surrender, submit, be still, and remember the helpful mnemonic FAITH, For All, I Trust In Him!

Now, can you honestly answer the question What is your FAITHATUDE for today? What does your faith attitude look like for the journey ahead of you? Will you choose today to place your (FAITH) FOR ALL, I TRUST IN HIM-FAITHatude in Him today?

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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