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Go forward in Faith or stay stagnant in fear, the choice is yours!

As the title says, go forward in faith or stay stagnant in fear. The choice is ultimately yours. God has given you a gift to bless others. Why hold it t your self? That is so selfish! Think about your spiritual gift. The development, time, and progress you have put into practice, honing that spiritual gift, are because someone else poured their spiritual gift into you. Make your spiritual gift expound into greatness. Please wait for it, still waiting for it! And there it is LIGHT BULB moment, you just thought of that person or persons, didn't you. I know you did because I did. Okay, so lets back up just a tad. I have the fantastic privilege of raising four of the most amazing kids. Yes, my children. One of the things we started consistently is learning about God, His people, and where it all begins. We do this by reading the word of God nightly together. We are only in Exodus chapter 15 as I type this, but it has been an incredible journey, more so for me than them. But perhaps not, time will only tell. Last night, we were in Exodus in chapters 13 and 14 when the Israelites have escaped Egypt and headed to the red sea. I find it interesting that the text stated it was easier for the Israelites to get to the promised land much faster by going through the land of the Philistines, but God decided to lead them a different way because He knew His chosen people, the Israelites, would go back and live in captivity instead of facing their fears. WOW! Right, now hold up before you murmur what you would do in that situation if you were in their shoes. We always do that, right! We are reading about them to learn from them and their decisions, good and bad. Right! How many times have you faced a fearful situation and stayed stagnant in fear instead of moving forward in faith? Yes, I will wait as you think about those times. Does fear decisions outweigh faith decisions in your life? Why or why not? When will you STAND TALL, STAND BOLD, and STAND STRONG in your FAITH? Why do you continue to let little fear take control over you?

Challenging questions to answer, yeah, I get it because I had to answer those same questions. As I wrestled with the negative thoughts in my head repeatedly, two things came to mind. I am wasting my time, life, gifts living in fear (whatever or whoever that may be to you) staying stagnant, and I am missing out on what God's best is for me. The second thing was while I am sitting around, wasting precious time, God has blessings waiting for me on the other side of my fears. I won't have enough time to enjoy them because I spent so much time staying stagnant in fear instead of moving forward in faith. Now here is the pep talk I had with myself, and you go ahead and have yours. Feel free to insert your name and words: Erikah, I said, you have to move forward, show these beautiful babes of yours what faith, your faith indeed looks like. It's time now to stop reading and talking about faith but live in the essence of what the bible demonstrates faith is by the people who were called by God, our examples to live a faith-filled life.

Again, dear, the choice is yours to move forward in FAITH or stay stagnant in fear!

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