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"I know vs. I feel"

"God said, or I feel like God said"! What's the difference? Is there a difference? When will we get to the place of saying, I know (without a shadow of a doubt) instead of I think, or I feel like God said? For me, ladies and gentlemen, it's a matter of confidence in God's apparent "Windex" message, especially about something I confided in Him and Him alone. So how do you move from " I feel like God said" to "I know God said"? The answer is simple. However, it takes time, dedication, consistency, willingness, and many prayers. The answer, my friends, is a relationship with God Almighty. That's all God wants is to be in tune with you via a connection. Why does He want this? Have you ever known or loved someone so dear that all you wanted was their time? You didn't care if they bought you gifts or did nice things for you. You only craved to be side by side with them. Perhaps, you are a parent, and your child(ren) is growing quickly from preteen to teen to young adult; what do you want more than ever from them? Time, right? Now, you know exactly what God wants from His children. God says in Isaiah 54:10 that He will always love us, and his blessings over us will never be broken because of His mercy on us! Just because you cannot physically see him doesn't mean he is not speaking in remarkable ways. Check your vocab the next time you utter the phrases I feel vs. I know. Have you been in His word lately, I mean really in His word? You see scriptures in Ephesians 1:8 that state God has showered His kindness along with all wisdom and understanding on us. What about Psalms 119:11, which says I have hidden Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You. There's much more like Romans 8:16, for His Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God's children. I could go on and on with God's transforming word. It took me a long time to understand what I know vs. what I feel, and to be quite honest, and I still struggle from time to time. Jeremiah 33:3 says Ask me, and I will tell you all the remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. This is a fantastic faith "challenging" prayer. That said, getting to the "I feel vs. I know" becomes more accessible. Just remember we are not perfect, but rather progressing, and as long as we continue advancing, building our relationship in His word. We will be ready to move from "I feel to I know" sooner than later!

Let us pray:

Thank you, Lord, for your word. Thank you for loving us beyond measure and wanting us. Thank you for creating us and continuing to mold and shape us. I pray we put more time in, more time praying, reading, and meditating on your word so we can one day, without a shadow of a doubt, say, "I know God said vs. I feel like God said," in Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

Living in, on, and for purpose!

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