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Is my praise enough?

Imagine if the only thing that would save you from your circumstance was your praise alone. Is your praise enough to bring Jesus into your situation? Do your angels have enough energy to fight for you? What if their power was based on your praise? Will God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit come rushing to your side based on your praise record, no one else's praise, just yours? Ponder for a moment or two, asking yourself if my praise is enough for them to respond? Create an image in your mind now and imagine a roadway from heaven to you; you ask for help from your creators (Genesis 1:26). They begin to come, but then they stop because they have run out of the road to finish the journey to you. The road is made out of your praise. Your blessings stopped because your praise was insufficient to meet you, for some, even halfway. Let me ask again, is my praise enough, is yours?

My pastor always says, "our praise is the rent we pay on blessings we have already received, and some of us are past due on our rent!" Are you current, or is your landlord ready to serve you papers? If you have been in anyone's church for any length of time, you may have heard, "when blessings go up, praises come down!" Are there enough of your praises for their blessings to ride the elevator to its requested destination? Is the elevator broken? Perhaps it's time to call a praise technician. You stopped by the right place; let's get to work... God, you are Lord. I surrender all I am to you. I offer you my heartfelt praise. I thank You for loving me beyond measure, thank you for allowing me to see a brand new day, thank you for allowing me to wake and operate in my right frame of mind, thank you so much heavenly Father, for allowing my heart to pump blood in all the right arteries and allowing my lungs to expand. I believe you got it down now. Don't stop fixing your blessings road; keep going, sweet pea, and praise the Trinity daily, and hourly. When you think; open your mouth and thank. Please remember, friends, God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3). ALL He has done for you, what is the least you can do for Him? Are your praises enough, are mine?

Living in, on, and for purpose are you?

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