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It's time for a RECALL!

I can not. But I am not. I do not have. I am scared. That's not me. Nope, not my gift. Who me? Nah!

Does any of this negative language sound familiar to you? Well, my friend, it's time to RECALL your life-threatening language. If you are a child of God, a brother or sister to Jesus, you have been created and formed for a purpose. (Ephesians, 2:10). You are giving God a stop sign every time you think and say negative words about who you are and what God created you to accomplish. Your spoken words will land somewhere; it's your responsibility to own them.

Think of it this way; are you prepared when God calls you to speak life in someone else's life? To encourage someone and give that extra push they need or even to provide God's confirmation they are on the right path? Or will you instead fail the assignment by speaking negativity? Does your language need a RECALL? Reevaluate your speech because you may think your language is helping when it's genuinely hurting. Are you delaying God's call on your life or even someone else's by your words? Get the picture now? It's past time to review and RECALL your language.

You have a calling on your life, as well as those associated with you. Your words can either siphon or increase your growth as well as someone else's. Do you want to be responsible for that? My response is yes, as long as my words lead them to their next step of God's will in their life. Let's practice as I believe in immediately putting lessons into practice. Ready! Okay!

Thought 1: I am not strong enough for that.

Recall language: I have the strength of Christ to be all He called me to in the season. He called me to it. (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Thought 2: I do not have the skills, experience, ideas it takes to complete this project, activity, etc.

Recall language: God calls the obedient and will equip them as they respond with yes. He does not call the equipped. If God is calling me to it, He sees something in me I don't see yet. Lord, open my eyes to see what you need me to see. (Hebrew 13:21)

Thought 3: Why was I chosen for this?

Recall language: Well, it's a song and its perfect...take a listen

Here is one example of a conversation with someone else:

Statement: I don't know if I can.

Recall Response: Of course, you can. Do you know who your daddy (Heavenly Father) is? He called you; He will equip you. He will never leave you, even when it's challenging and frustrating. (Genesis 28:15)

Here are a few scriptures to help you recall your language: Isaiah 45:19

Proverbs 15:4; 16:24; 18:4 & 20; 20:15

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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