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It's time to react, pursue, OBEY your created purpose

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

A great and supportive friend once told me "Paychecks and promotions are good, however they cannot and should not take the place of God's divine purpose He created you for. Only in your created calling will you experience the peace and lasting joy He meant for you to have". Now reading this you may have had a beautiful smile on your face and a picture of you running through wildflowers, thinking oh God wants me to be happy. Um no incorrect i typed joy not happy. There can be hell all around you, buy joy is how you are handling that hell.

How are you handling the stressors of daily life? The coworkers, asking you mind numbing questions that you have answered a thousand times. Your spouse needing one more favor in their time frame when you are balancing so many other duties. How about the kids fighting about the minute thing and you are on a business call. I mean I really could keep going to much more drastic measures, but you get the picture.

We live in a fallen world of our (humans) own doing and for the most part we are pretty selfish. Even in prayers. God I want, God I need, God where are you and why aren't you speaking? God! God! God!

Do you ever wonder if God is looking down and saying What, I heard you, shut your whining and do what I told you...geez! NOPE! that is not the kind of God we serve, He is so patient, so loving, so gracious, so merciful, did I mention so LOVING!

Guess what He wants from us, I know God almighty wants something from me? Yes, He does! Drum roll please....your Obedience, your surrender, a relationship, YOU! Easy to type, easy to stay but much work to put into practice and be consistent. Why don't you try it today friend. You were, I am, we are created to glorify God, what better way then to obey Him and pursue our God given purpose. For purpose and on purpose. I challenge you today to start!

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