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Persistent not Perfection!

God will reward your persistency and consistency. There are a few stories in the bible that reminds us of this. The first one is found in Luke 18:1-8 (MSG) of the persistent widow. She wanted justice from her enemies and persecutors. She consistently and persistently went about justice the legal way, through a judge. The judge was by all means a jerk. He didn't care about God or people (I wonder how did he get that position?) The widowed stayed persistent, she stayed consistent and eventually the unjust judge caved, more because he was annoyed by her persistency and consistency. Okay, there is another story found in Luke 11:5-9(MSG) where a man visits his friend at his home during the wee hours of the night, he wakes his friend and asks him to give him some bread because he himself has unexpected company show up at his home. He was not prepared for them and wants to be a good host so he asks someone whom he knows to help him out. The "friend" told him in not so many words to get lost because he and his family were sleeping, gone to bed, not to be disturbed. The man did not care, he was more interested in being a good host to unexpected visitors then disrupting his friends sleep. Although his friend told him to go away, the man didn't and eventually got what he came for. So from these two stories we have learned persistency and consistency pays off. It's now your turn, what's your story? How has your persistency and consistency been rewarded by God. Think about it, now be a vessel and share it. God honors your persistency and consistency. He knows you are not perfect because He made you and believe it or not friends He will honor your persistency and consistency. Why not begin today. Use these two stories from the bible as your encouragement and motivation to begin a new persistent and consistent journey.

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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