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Precious Cargo

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

As I have previously mentioned, I have the privilege of raising four one of a kind children. Some days are full of laughter and fun. Some days are full of precious moments. Some days are incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, most days, we all end the day smiling and laughing with each other.

We, as a nation, have experienced the recent events of COVID-19, aka Corona Virus, since March 2020. We have been locked in the house with our family for longer than typical time frames; schooling and working from home. Unfortunately, we have heard the news reports highlighting the increased domestic, child, and sexual abuse many are experiencing. I want to send a reminder that your family and especially your children are precious gifted cargo God is entrusting you with, Psalm 127:3-4. Be careful how you treat God's gift.

I wanted to take a moment and lift our children in the nation. Whether you are a parent, aunt, cousin, uncle, grandparent, godparent, or caregiver, there are children you can uplift and pray for that, you know. I also challenge you to pray for other children in your neighborhood and in general. Start being intentional when you see children because we have a responsibility to uplift our children in prayer.

Without further delay, let's pray:

Heavenly Father, we are coming to You, first of all, to say thank you for the children You entrusted into our care. Although we may not have realized that children are a gift from You initially, we do now and want to thank you for such a high honor. God, please forgive us for taking our children for granted. We are confessing we did not always treat, speak, provide mercy, grace, and patience to our children that You show us daily, and for that, we repent and confess we are genuinely sorry. Your word says You are quick to forgive us if we confess,1 John 1:9. In the name of Jesus, we are confessing our sins. Thank you that you don't leave us with our heads hanging low of our mistakes. Your word states Your mercy is new each morning Lamentations 3:23. You have given us a new day, please teach us how to be better examples and stewards of the precious cargo you have provided us with, 2Timothy 3:16. Thank you so much, Lord, for my child(ren) (name each child). Help us every day to grow in spiritual wisdom and discipline within Your word so we can see for ourselves how You truly love and treat us, Hebrews 13:21. Therefore we will begin and or continue to treat our children with so much love, patience, mercy, grace, and wisdom that one cannot tell where we end, and you begin in us. We will aim to listen to, see them, and pray for our precious cargo as you open our ears to hear, our eyes to see, and our hearts to understand. Fill us daily, Lord, with more and more of You as we seek You in Your word and come to a full understanding of the gift of children, aka precious cargo. I plead the blood of Jesus over each reader and the children in their lives. Let this reader be the one to be a shining example of many children's lives.

In the precious name of Jesus, Amen!

If you or someone you know are suffering from domestic violence or any type of abuse, including substance abuse, please reach out to Boca Recovery.

Boca Recovery Center is a free web resource and 24/7 helpline that provides information about addiction, pregnancy, eating disorders, and mental health issues.

To help those who may be struggling with these issues, Boca Recovery Center has created a guide detailing the different types of abuse and resources to help people escape addiction and abuse.

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

October is domestic violence awareness month, please seek help, if you are in a domestic violence situation.

Please contact or 800.799.SAFE (7233) for further assistance

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