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So What!

You are gorgeous! Beautiful! Amazing! Intelligent! Wonderful! Unique! Spectacular! You are fabulous! Every morning when I wake up, I thank God for one more day. Next, I say something good will happen to me and through me today. Once I'm officially out of bed, I look in the mirror and tell the beautiful person looking back at me how gorgeous, amazing, gentle and meaningful she is. I am the daughter of the highest king. He made me. He believes in me, so why wouldn't I believe in myself? Here's my point, fam! SO WHAT! Their opinions don't matter! I say SO WHAT to all the negativity thrown my way (even if it's from me)! As some of my previous post state in Ephesians 2:10, We are wonderfully made. So if the book of God's breathe (2 Timothy 3:16) word says I am wonderfully made, why would I look in the mirror and lie to myself?

You, friend, have been commissioned. Look into the mirror, take a deep look, and keep looking. It's not about the clothes you wear; it's not about the cologne you have on; it's not about the flawless make-up or the fab hairstyle. At this moment - it's just you (even in your birthday suit). Look at this fantastic specimen before you! Speak to yourself out loud and start with positive statements about yourself. Next, move to things you have accomplished; if you are a parent, speak to yourself about parenting. What do you want to accomplish? Speak it into existence.

I reminded my son today of some words he said to me when he was eleven years old. His dad purchased him and his brother a go-cart. He drove it for hours, and afterward, he came back in the house with the biggest smile I had ever seen and said, "mom, just wait; I'm going to be driving you everywhere." Today, at the tender age of sixteen, he drove us to church, and as he backed into the parking spot, I grinned with tears in my eyes and said, son, your words are here. With a puzzled look on his face, he said unh. Typical teenager response these days, lol! I reminded him of the above comment he made at eleven and of Proverbs 18:21; the tongue can bring life or death. He smiled big again, and I told him, SO WHAT, son! So what of what others say or do, know and remind yourself who you are. Like I spoke life into my son, speak life into yourself each morning! SO WHAT if you are talking to yourself? It's your mirror, and there is no judgment zone in that mirror of yours. You, my friend, are one of a kind! Even if your mirror has cracks, SO WHAT! You matter; now speak life in your mirror to that extraordinary person looking back at you!

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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