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Undeniable Grace (even in disobedience)!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Why are we disobedient? Does it have anything to do with wanting to be in control? Perhaps it's because we don't trust our maker. Either way, we are disobedient people. Why do you think the scripture 2 Chronicles 7:14 is in the Bible? Why does Mcdonald's place the statement on coffee cups, "careful contents inside are hot"? Both of the answers to these questions are the same. Something happened to one or many people that a statement so obvious or not hard to understand was needed where millions upon millions could read such a warning.

A few months ago, I had a clear revelation that God, in His eminent mercy, has grace upon me, even in my disobedience. I have heard this a few more times since that revelation. Today in church was one of those times. Even in our disobedience, God provides grace. Why is that? Are you a parent? What do you do when you ask your child to do something, and they don't, whine, talk back, or are entirely defiant? I am a mother of four, and my immediate response used to be anger, frustration and yelling. One day The Holy Spirit convicted me and stated, I don't treat or speak to you that way when you don't listen to me! (mind-blowing), Right! I apologized to my Heavenly Father and my son. I didn't completely turn a whole new leaf immediately, but those words continued to resonate. I would tell myself, and still do, "Erikah, show grace, just like your father shows you. You don't always listen and are probably more disobedient than your children, but He still shows you grace, even in disobedience".

With tears in my eyes, all I can say is, Lord, thank you for loving me enough to show me grace in my disobedience. How about you? Can you relate?

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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Vigorous Perfectionz
Vigorous Perfectionz
13. 3. 2023

Yep Im seeing myself right now through my mother and I can truly say it doesn’t feel good when someone yells at you committed more then I ever was to break that cycle

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