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Who's voice is louder?

I was watching a movie on Netflix the other night called Young Messiah. Have you seen it? It was interesting, right? Without giving too much of the film away, The Holy Spirit's brought my attention to the above title. Whenever the demon spoke to Jesus, little Jesus had something deep down on the inside of Him that said, but God is bigger. I tried to picture myself in similar scenarios, and I kept saying Erikah, whose voice is louder in your life? When faced with difficult, uncomfortable, sticky, controversial, moral, ethical, and just plain hurtful situations, whose voice is louder? Is it yours, is it your friends, your co-workers, a family member, a group of people, a stranger, or is it the God whom you serve? I can tell you and type, without a shadow of a doubt, the first voice is always God, but if I may be frank for a minute. More times than I care to admit, it was my feelings and what others would say or think. Unfortunately, God's voice was a distant, oh yeah. I can admit I am not fully there, and I am striving daily for His voice to become that first voice. I want it so deep down in my soul that there is no shadow of a doubt that He is leading and guiding me. What about you? Can you be honest with yourself and evaluate who's voice is louder? What are you doing daily to make sure He is the first voice in every scenario and situation?

Living in, on, and, for Purpose, are you?

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