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Yes, but does He trust you?

I trust you! Trust in God! In God, we trust! These trusted statements are everywhere, from billboards to car bumper stickers. Have you read that legal tender you use to purchase a cold beverage or a hot meal? Look at it closely; it says on all bills, "In God, we trust." Even on some government vehicles, the words, "In God we trust," are written! It's often said in many circles, sounding cliche. Here lies the question, though, although we are saying we trust God in every situation and remind others to trust God, I have to ponder...does God trust me?

As I was reading, a very popular scripture found in the old testament, the king, could be trusted by God. Even when he was scared, as the bible declared, his decisions leaned toward absolute trust in God to do what only God could do; deliver astronomically.

Let's look at the word of the living God found in 2 Chronicles 20; King Jehoshaphat was informed a large army was headed to declare war against him and his people. Look at the king's response in vs. 3 "Jehoshaphat was terrified by this news and begged the Lord for guidance. He also ordered everyone in Judah to begin fasting." Whoa, did you see that? How many of us run to our friends, spouses, children, family, or human prayer warriors at the first sign of trouble? The first question that came to my mind was God do you trust me? Do you trust me to call on you first instead of human voices of comfort? Although Jehoshaphat was "terrified," Even in his fear, he still went to God first, not to human counterparts or in his mind to devise a master plan. Every problem and trial is not the devil; sometimes, it's God trying to build your faith muscles. Can He trust you?

It seems as if the world is telling us to trust God for everything and in God when times are hard; even when they are reasonable, we are to trust God, but can He trust us, you, me? Part of that trust relies on our obedience to do what he called us to do. Listen, fam, you will probably hear one hundred and one more times to put your trust in God, but let me remind you while you are trusting and being obedient to God, make sure your heart is all in!

How many people have you read about in the bible, or maybe you know personally, who felt inadequate for the task at hand, but God looked at their heart and compelled them with the assignment? Why did He do this? One answer - they could be trusted. Can you? Can I?

So, yes, we trust God, but does God trust me?

Living in, on, and for purpose, are you?

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