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That's that super glue!

Let me start out by saying I love the bible (basic information before leaving earth)! When I would hear preachers or anyone say this and become genuinely excited after speaking these words, I would raise one eyebrow and say Really! How? That is until I started immersing myself in the word for myself. Yo, the immersion is real, fam! Okay, let's get into it; who has had any dealings with superglue here? It hurts like a mother ship when you accidentally glue your precious skin Oooowwwweeee!

Superglue can be your best friend but also your worst enemy. When you take no thought to grab the superglue for your project and your mind is ready to tackle that project, sometimes or most times, depending on your expertise, you get the glue correct the first time; other times and other people (me) are not so fortunate because we (me) end up getting superglue where it does not belong. Uh oh! Now, we (me) are in a really critical and painful "sticky" situation.

One main characteristic of superglue is it hurts when it is attached to things or people it was not designed for. To fix your mistake of gluing something or someone incorrectly, you end up tearing some things up, including your skin. OUCH! We know, Superglue hurts; WHAT'S THE POINT?

The point, my friends, is that just like super glue causes fragments of your skin to be left where it was not intended, your soul can be left with people you had no business with.

Look at Psalm 23:6a KJV: He restoreth my soul. Why is He restoring your soul? What is He restoring your soul from? Because it does not belong to wherever or with whomever you left it, not even fragments of it. I know this is a fact because I was in the middle of a nightmare with my ex, where he turned into a wretched demon, and upon waking, my YouTube was playing a message regarding getting fragments of my soul returned to me. I prayed and prayed to God for my soul to be returned to me ASAP, and those dreams have now dissipated. So, where have you left your soul or fragments of it?

Let's pray

Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for your amazingness, your lovingkindness, your gentleness, your mercy, your grace, and your unfailing love. God, you are so worthy of our praise. Thank you for Jesus Christ, and thank you for The Holy Spirit walking and guiding us daily. Father, please forgive us of our sins, trespasses, and wrongdoings. Please bring to our mind any and all sins we have yet to ask you for forgiveness. Please also bring to our memory any and all persons we have something against so we are quick to forgive them as you continue to have mercy on us and forgive us. Your word says you will forgive our sins when we confess (1 John 1:9). You are not a man that you shall lie, and your angels respond to your word when it is sent out, so in the name of Jesus, I pray you to return and restore our souls back to us. Every fragment of our soul and every soul tie that we left hanging around with men, women, or groups that meant us no good and you did not ordain, please, Lord, restore our souls and all fragments thereof back to us and make us whole again. I plead the blood of Jesus over each reader and everyone attached to these readers in the name of Jesus Christ; I pray Amen.

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